Coming Soon to the Site!

February 14, 2019 1:45 pm

We’re preparing now for the launch of Walk, Climb or Fly: Surviving and thriving in the Workplace Wilderness and are in the throes of a lot of activity!  We just launched the site and busy kicking the tires, so if you see some weird stuff, don’t mind us – we’re just under construction!  See a bug?  Contact us to report it!

In “Freebies” we’ve added downloadable PDF worksheets for the exercises in each chapter.  The PDF downloads will make it easier to do the internal exercises in each chapter, in a more convenient, large format.  Very soon we’ll be adding our interactive Time Spent at Work Calculator for your convenience!

Want to know if you are a Walker, Climber or Flyer?   Be sure to get the book!  It’s the best way to understand Operational Styles theory!   In the coming months, we will release an online self-assessment that will allow people to more easily identify the dominant style to which they are most likely to align.  However, keep in mind that self-tests are tricky things and often don’t provide the needed context to procure an accurate result.  To develop and round out your understanding of operational styles, the chapter materials are essential.  They provide detailed information, contextual information, stories and examples that can fuel your understanding of operational styles and help you identify your dominant operational style with greater accuracy!

We hope you’ll check back as we continue to add updates and content to the site, and be sure to send us feedback and ideas if you have them!